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PRPF Part 8 - Bus Scene by Dan-the-Countdowner PRPF Part 8 - Bus Scene by Dan-the-Countdowner
Following on from the previous PRPF picture, here's a pic from the Bus Scene in episode 8.

The rangers (Me, CB, Carly and Liz) are looking for Truro after he failed to return to the base (after he sort of exploded and punched a hole in the wall when he read a personal, private, personal letter).

They learn that Truro had a fight with Kitsune IV, lost and got carried through a portal by a Stoner Dragon.

The rangers go through this portal and find themselves in an urban setting, only this was no ordinary urban setting. There were robot police officers who shot auto tapes at citizens who broke "so-called" laws such as 'laughing without just cause'.

If Truro was in this dimension, it could be that he was arrested for breaking one of these crazy laws.

So, the rangers decided to find the police station and they got on a bus. As it starts to move, an image of Truro's head appears on the screen and starts to sing the Mayor Truro Munchkin Song.

The aftermath of this song is portrayed in this picture, where CB remarks he never wants to see Truro again and Dan suggests they go to the Mayor's office instead of the Police Station.

(Oh, and if you're wondering if I've got Photoshop CS2 yet, the answer is no. I coloured this in paint. :P I'm a.) waiting for my payment to come into my account, and b.) I keep being outbid on eBay, but I'm still determined to get a copy of Photoshop CS2.)

Power Rangers Pencil Force (C) TruroTakeTwo

Red Dwarf references (C) Grant Naylor Productions, BBC Television, Dave.

Drawing (C) Me
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